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Sunbrella Makers Collection

Design, heritage and innovation shaped by generations of makers.

Centered around the principles shared between traditional craft and modern manufacturing, the new Sunbrella Makers Collection values originality, process, and the beauty of design. Careful study of artisanal techniques from around the world, applied to Sunbrella’s patented performance fabric technology, has created an inspirational collection of durable upholstery fabrics with a handmade feel.

Designed for Makers

Sunbrella’s newest collection celebrates human creativity and individuality through fabric. Makers brings the artistry back into shaping spaces that are original, authentic and beautiful.

44 new fabrics merge rich colors like Apricot and Indigo with dimensional textures into modern designs that carry the handcrafted feel of the artist’s loom. These unique textiles pull influence from traditional methods like backstrap weaving and Japanese Shibori dyeing. By combining new, experimental techniques with traditional style, Makers fabrics possess unique personalities that complement indoor and outdoor spaces.

The collection is grounded with four solids, Blend, Cast, Canvas, and Spectrum, each with subtle variations of color and texture that bring interest to larger furniture. A series of eclectic stripe patterns invite the designer to think boldly. Artistry, inspired by Mayan backstrap weavers, pops with alternating bands of color and ikat effects. With its mix of small-scale tonal stripes, the lively and retro Cultivate complements large-scale Gateway, featuring strong color-blocked striping. Elegant Shore features a clean and crisp bar stripe, while its masculine counterpoint, Tradition, balances a midcentury color scheme with modern variegation.

Dimension and light-play influence the Makers Collection’s eye-catching patterns. The modern, geometric-inspired Adaptation features contrasting high-shine stitching against a matte background, reminiscent of hand-forged metal. Midori playfully captures the natural inconsistency of Shibori dyeing through dissimilar weaving techniques. The more traditional, menswear-inspired Paradigm pairs well with solids like Cast and adds unexpected contrast to the more artisanal and modern fabrics of Makers.

Heritage Meets Innovation

Sunbrella Makers emphasizes craftsmanship alongside evolving technology. Though Sunbrella is a global company, our fiber to finish operations require creativity, attention to detail, and honesty in our processes.

Artistic integrity starts at the inspiration level. Our talented design team travels all over the world researching emerging industry trends, exploring art forms, and relating personal experiences, in order to create intentional designs that reflect a story with true meaning. Sunbrella’s focus is on finding value beneath the surface, collaborating with our partners, and repeatedly asking how we can bring innovation, relevancy and beauty to what we make.

Sunbrella uses modern machinery to demonstrate our ability to skillfully imitate handmade, artisanal techniques. At our production plant in Anderson, South Carolina, we monitor and audit the fabric production processes, and perform extensive testing of product, in order to ensure that every roll of fabric we create meets Sunbrella’s requirements of quality and craftsmanship.

Get Creative

Sunbrella Makers was created to inspire originality. Depth, contrast and movement are key characteristics of the patterns, inviting designers to mix, match and layer—or to create drama by highlighting a single bold motif. With Sunbrella’s unparalleled weather-resistance, cleanability and design, no space is off-limits for your creative vision.

From fiber to finish, our own community of Makers has constructed the most trusted performance fabric in the world—now with even more colors and styles to inspire you.

Like all Sunbrella fabrics, Makers fabrics are easy to care for, fade proof and bleach cleanable.


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