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Handmade decorative pillow 16'' X 20'', beautifully crafted with Black and white real leather and 100% natural cotton canvas.

The Black and white leather is from lambskin and imported from England.
This is a unique piece, only 2 pieces in this colour.


✩ Prices are in USD.

Black and White Pillows

  • - Designed and Handcrafted in Canada by Renaissance Cushions.
    - Real example of quality craftsmanship.
    - Black and white veritable leather ( Lambskin).  
    - Leather aspect: Soft Skin, it carries the individual wrinkles of the original hide.
    - Leather thickness: 2 mm.
    - Fabric : Natural canvas, 100 % bio. 
    - Seams are with a zigzag stitch for a durable and professional confection.
    - Invisible zipper. 
    - Our logo " Renaissance Cushions " is made with friendly leather and discretely attached on the back of the pillow.

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