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Window Seat & Bench Cushions

Adding a new cushion and fresh fabric to a splendide Window Seat is a great way to create a cosy, an intimate place to read and relaxe!!  


By adding a new cushion or replacing the fabric it will give to this space a whole new look.

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custom bench cushions

Custom Made Requirement 

Please contact us for a quote and conditions with the following :

Cushion dimensions : L" x W" x H"

● Fabric selection. (You can also provide your own fabric. You will be only charged for the labor.)

Cushions Design

Boxed Edge Design with piping

Boxed Edge Design without piping

Cushions with a Boxed Edge design are constructed with a vertical sidewall that is the same height as the thickness of the cushion. These cushions are made by assembling the top and bottom section of the cut fabric to the sidewall fabric to form a box.

Browse our Fabrics 

Sunbrella Fabrics:

Sunbrella is one of the best fabrics for upholstery and replacement cushions for a day to day use.  Sunbrella fabrics are also well know for their easy maintenance and stain/water repellent. 

We are not afraid to say ''you can expose our cushions to direct sunlight without worries''.

Maharam fabrics:

Maharam fabrics is recognized for its rigorous and holistic commitment to design as a leading provider of textiles to architects and interior designers. Maharam embraces a range of disciplines, from product, graphic, and digital design to art and architecture.

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